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ECB council member Madis Muller warns over the impact of wage increases on inflation.


Mr Muller stated that quickening wage increases pose a key threat to the euro-area inflation outlook. “If wage rises — which have accelerated in the euro area — remain so fast, then maybe the decline in core inflation will be slower than currently forecast,” Mr Muller said. That “could also mean that getting inflation firmly […]

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Recommencement of CRO Involuntary Strike-Off Checks

Recommencement of CRO Involuntary Strike-Off Checks With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the CRO put all involuntary strike-offs on hold to allow companies time to cope with the effects of the pandemic. The Registrar of Companies announced in May of 2022 that no further Covid-19 annual return extensions will be granted for […]

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New CRO Requirements

New CRO Requirements – Personal Public Service Numbers (PPSNs) for Directors. As and from June 11 th 2023 Directors of incorporated companies will be required to provide their personal tax numbers when completing electronic filings with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) for in-corporations, annual returns and change of directors. New CRO Requirements means all Directors […]

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