How Aardvark Accountancy Services Forensic Accounting can help you

Aardvark Accountancy Services provide professional forensic accounting services by applying a combination of accounting and investigative skills, honed through many years’ experience, coupled with recognised professional qualifications.

If you have been affected by fraud, require assistance in a divorce settlement or are involved in an employment litigation with an employer or an employee, we can guide you towards a satisfactory resolution.

We can help you uncover the truth, form professional opinions and assist in investigations, including both litigation support and investigative accounting.

Business Fraud Detection

Is you have been a victim of fraud you are not alone! Many businesses are affected by fraud, which can present itself in various forms. Fraud may be something as simple as a line manager overstating worked hours for an employee or as complex as a business executive selling sensitive information to a competitor.

Serious internal fraud can result in significant loss of earnings, bankruptcy or liquidation. In many cases fraud can remain undetected for a number of years and could have been easily prevented with a cursory inspection of your business by a forensic accountant.

Here at Aardvark Accountancy Services, we have many years of experience carrying out forensic accounting investigations for our clients. We have been involved in a number of high-profile fraud investigation cases, providing evidence to investigating authorities and where necessary giving expert witness evidence in court.

In order to protect your business and ensure peace of mind Aardvark’s forensic accounts can carry out investigations to ensure there are no accounting anomalies or inconsistencies that indicate suspicious activity within your company.

If you suspect fraudulent activity in your company, please contact us today!

Due Diligence When Acquiring a Business

If you are considering the acquisition of a new business, care should be taken to ensure that the business’s assets and liabilities are consistent with those included in the offer, and that you have gathered the complete financial picture.

We can help you examine aspects of the business before any offer is made, ensuring that:

  • None of the business assets have their titles held or are restricted by lease or hire purchase contracts, as this could cause issues after purchase.
  • The value of the business assets are as advertised by the vendor.
  • The business does not have any outstanding rates or other taxes, which would be a liability for any new owner
  • The liabilities of the business are not understated and that there are no undisclosed contingent liabilities, (for example pending legal cases).

Aardvark Accountancy Services have the skill and experience to carry out full due diligence on any type of business being advertised for sale.

Are you considering acquiring an existing business? Contact Us Today!

Separation and Divorce Cases

The distribution of joint assets between spouses is a necessary but difficult part of any separation agreement. Determining the amount of maintenance payments to be made by one or other spouse can also pose challenges.

We can help you through this difficult and sensitive situation by assisting you in the valuation of your joint assets and where necessary, detecting any assets which may not have been declared.

We will prepare statements of affairs, which will be used in court to ascertain wealth and the ability to pay a certain level of maintenance, as part of your final separation agreement.

Our experienced team can also mediate between spouses at the time of separation to help reach agreement on division of joint assets and level of maintenance. This will inevitably reduce the time and legal costs of the separation or divorce.

Compensation Claims

Have you been involved in a Personal Injury Claim?

If you are currently considering a Personal Injury Claim you may want to consider contacting our forensic accounting team today. They will help you to calculate both current and future losses incurred, ensuring that you are fully and fairly compensated for any injury suffered.

In many personal injury compensation cases the amount you receive may increase significantly if you can prove that you have suffered a loss of business profits or employment earnings due to your injuries.

Through Forensic Accounting, we can prepare reports which calculate past and future loss of income which will act as evidence, to substantiate your claim.
In every case where we have provided a forensic accountant’s report on the loss of income for a claimant, the result has been a significant increase in the amount being claimed for the personal injury.

Call us today if you have any questions about a personal injury claim.

Bar and Restaurant Owners

We can provide monthly fraud detection for bars and restaurants.

As bars and restaurants have a large number of cash transactions, they are highly reliant on the honesty and accuracy of their staff. They are also very exposed to careless, dishonest or criminal staff who may wish to take advantage through mistakes or errors, undercharging customers, misappropriating cash or helping themselves to company’s stock.

We can carry out monthly checks, to ensure peace of mind and confidence that your business is being run properly and free from errors or fraud. These financial reviews will uncover any mistakes or fraudulent activities being perpetrated by staff members.

If you suspect fraud or would like the reassurance that your business is being properly run, please contact us today for further information.

For all Forensic Accounting questions please enquire by call 014578138 or get in touch here 

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