Benefits provided by our accountants through Management Accounts

This information is essential to all business owners if they are to run their business profitably and keep its cash flows positive. Management information is one of the most essential tools in directing and growing your business.

Some businesses use information contained in its financial accounts prepared to its most recent financial year end, for financial direction going forward. This is similar to attempting to steer a motorcar whilst looking through the rear view window, because past events are being used as the best pointers for present and future business decisions.

Our team of Management Accounting experts can provide the following services:

Monthly / Quarterly Management Accounts

We prepare Management Accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis according to the client’s requirements. These management accounts report contains a profit or loss figure for the period and a balance sheet net assets or net liabilities figure at the period end date. Comparative figures are also included in this report showing other monthly/quarterly results and budgeted figures with variance analysis of actual versus budgeted results. The report allows the business owner to compare results between one period and another. It also allows the business owner to compare period results against budgeted targets.

Management Accounts provide the user with an continuous evaluation of the performance of the business.

Evaluating Profitability

Continual evaluation of businesses profitability, profit margins and its cash-flow management is the only realistic way to properly run a business. It will greatly assist the business owner in making important decisions on matters such as changes in type of product/service provision with a view to increasing profit margins.

Projecting Cash Flow

Cash flow projections allow a business to make provision for future cash shortages through loans etc. It also allows a business to make provision for cash surpluses by organising short tern investments for such cash surpluses.

Budgets & Variance Analysis

Budgets provide a yardstick for guidance for the business for the year ahead. It can compare actual spending versus budgeted spending and provide important business trends by analysing variances between budgeted and actual profit margins.

Debtors & Creditors Analysis

We prepare reports of debtors and creditors outstanding balances. These reports show aged analysis of the amounts owed to suppliers and owing from customers. The age analysis shows the amount and on what month a supplier must be paid it also shows similar information for receipts from customers.

The business owner will use these reports for preparing cash flow projections for cash inflow figure (customer receipts) and for cash outflows (creditor payments). These reports will also be used for preparing monthly payment runs for creditors.

Return on Investment Analysis

We analyze potential investment ventures which a business may intend to become involved. This analysis reports whether or not the business will turn a profit on such investment in other words a return on its investment. If this analysis indicates that a loss will be made on the investment then the business will not continue with the venture.
Examples of such investments would include the following:-

  • Expansion of the business into a new product range.
  • Merging the business with another business.
  • Purchasing a competitor business.
  • Opening of new branches in different market locations.

Return on Investment Analysis can prove to be a very useful business tool for assisting business owners in decision making.

Business Plans

Business Plans are a very useful tool in assisting a business which is seeking finance for expansion. The business plan will allow a potential financier to evaluate the risk included in providing funds for the expansion.

Payroll Service

A payroll service processes wages for staff and provides payslips on a weekly/monthly basis. The service processes incoming and outgoing employees with P45 certificates and tax credit certificate applications. It also processes yearend P35 returns and issues P60 certificates. Monthly payroll taxes are processed and tax (P30) returns are prepared and filed with the tax office.

Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

Outsourced bookkeeping can assist a business by removing the cost of employing one or more bookkeepers. It also ensures that all bookkeeping entries are carried out professionally.

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