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Revenue publishes 2023 Annual Report

On 25/04/2024 Revenue publishes 2023 Annual Report , together with a number of other research and statistical papers. The report reflects a year of exceptional performance for Revenue, with gross receipts of €127.9 billion collected, including €26.3 billion in non-Exchequer receipts collected on behalf of other Government Departments and agencies. Net Exchequer receipts, after repayments […]

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Auto-enrolment Pensions

auto-enrolement for-employees

The government has announced details of new legislation for the auto- enrolment pensions savings scheme. It’s designed to encourage workers to save for their retirement and make it more straightforward for businesses to offer a workplace pension option. Currently, only around 35% of employees in the private sector have a supplementary retirement saving scheme. Proposed […]

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ECB council member Madis Muller warns over the impact of wage increases on inflation.


Mr Muller stated that quickening wage increases pose a key threat to the euro-area inflation outlook. “If wage rises — which have accelerated in the euro area — remain so fast, then maybe the decline in core inflation will be slower than currently forecast,” Mr Muller said. That “could also mean that getting inflation firmly […]

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Tax relief on mortgages

Darragh O’Brien says reintroduction of tax relief on mortgages needs to be considered Pearse Doherty claims that the Government has its ‘head in the sand’ as mortgage payments increase by thousands of euro due to today’s ECB 0.25% interest rate increase. The reintroduction of a tax relief on mortgages does need to be considered, Minister […]

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