Revenue publishes 2023 Annual Report

On 25/04/2024 Revenue publishes 2023 Annual Report , together with a number of other research and statistical papers. The report reflects a year of exceptional performance for Revenue, with gross receipts of €127.9 billion collected, including €26.3 billion in non-Exchequer receipts collected on behalf of other Government Departments and agencies. Net Exchequer receipts, after repayments and transfers of non-Exchequer receipts collected on behalf of other Departments and agencies, were €87.2 billion. 2023 also saw a continuation of high voluntary compliance rates, at over 99% for large cases and 98% for medium cases. Timely compliance rates for all other cases in 2023 was 91%, up from 88% in 2022.

Commenting on today’s publications Revenue Chairman, Niall Cody, said:

“Continued strong levels of timely and voluntary compliance rates confirm that the vast majority of taxpayers pay the right amount of tax at the right time. Given the exceptional disruption which individual taxpayers, businesses and agents have experienced over the past four years, this is an extremely positive reflection on their continued engagement with their tax compliance obligations, and the importance that society generally places on a strong culture of voluntary and timely tax compliance.

We acknowledge and thank all taxpayers and their representatives for their ongoing engagement and co-operation.”

Collection of Taxes and Management of Collection Risk

Our tailored approach to debt collection enables us to be agile in our response to the evolving economic environment whilst matching our resources to counter tax collection risk. Commenting on our debt management process, Revenue’s Collector General, Joe Howley, said:

“Timeliness of payment has been impacted by the action we took to suspend debt enforcement activity in light of the circumstances arising in recent years, and non-warehoused debt available for collection at the end of 2023 had risen to €1.4 billion.

Our Debt Management Service system is now fully deployed in dealing with these liabilities, but it remains our strong preference to work with taxpayers to agree a mutually acceptable solution to temporary cash flow difficulties, rather than commence collection and enforcement action. As such, our advice remains, as has always been the case, that where taxpayers are finding it difficult to pay their current taxes, they should engage with us as soon as such difficulties start to arise.”

Facilitating Voluntary Compliance and Legitimate Trade

We provide a range of services that make it as easy as possible for taxpayers to comply with their tax obligations and continue to enhance our digital service offerings in response to growing expectations that services be available through multiple channels and at times that suit taxpayers and agents.

Speaking about our aim to support taxpayers and agents to self-serve to the greatest extent possible, RevenueCommissioner, Ruth Kennedy, stated:

“2023 saw a further increase in the number of PAYE taxpayers managing their own tax affairs through our 24/7 MyAccount service, and we processed 1.4 million 2022 PAYE IT Returns during the year. We do, however, also remain committed to providing alternative service channels for those who are unable to access our online offerings. We therefore welcome the finding from our 2023 PAYE Customer Survey that over 70% of respondents are either satisfied or very satisfied with the services we provide.

Another step we took during 2023 to advance our aim of modernising taxes and duties was the launch of a consultation to modernise Ireland’s VAT System. We received over 1,100 submissions from stakeholders during the first stage of this consultation and will publish our findings in respect of same in due course.”

In implementing customs controls, we aim to facilitate legitimate trade to move as speedily and efficiently as possible. Key indicators of our success in that regard are as follows:

  • 54.2 million customs declarations processed, an increase of 11.3 million
    (26%) from 2022
  • 89% of the 400,423 freight vehicle movements into Ireland from GB were
    green routed
  • and
  • release of a new Automated Export System, simplifying documentary
    processes for traders.


Tackling Non-Compliance

We take a real-time, data driven approach to confronting non-compliance, which enables us to prioritise our resources on non-compliant taxpayers and ensure a level playing field for all businesses, whilst minimising the administrative burden and costs for compliant taxpayers.

Our annual compliance programmes focus on multiple risk areas, and we make full use of the statutory powers and exchange of information provisions at our disposal to enhance our data holdings. We vigorously confront cases that display indicators of non-compliance or aggressive tax planning and during 2023 we completed over 291,000 compliance interventions with a yield of €787 million and 85 tax avoidance cases with a yield of €16.5 million.

Commenting on the significant Supreme Court judgement issued in The Revenue Commissioners v. Karshan (Midlands) Ltd. t/a Domino’s Pizza, Niall Cody said:

“We welcomed the important judgement delivered by the Supreme Court in this case. Although the judgement did not change the law in relation to the classification of employment, it provided significant clarity on the key factors to be considered when classifying an individual’s employment status for income tax purposes.

We have been working with the Department of Social Protection and Workplace Relations Commission to update the Code of Practice on Determining Employment Status, and separately on the development of our own guidelines on the impact of
the judgement, and the classification of employment status will continue to be a focus area for our compliance activity going forward.”

Read the full Revenue publishes 2023 Annual Report

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