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We provide taxation services to a broad spectrum of clients operating across a diverse range of sectors. The services we provide include the following:- Contact us today at

  1. VAT returns for Sole Traders and Companies which are compiled from the business’s source documents which include, purchase invoices, sales invoices, cash register reports and bank statements. We also prepare VIES and INTRASTAT returns for businesses that are obliged to file these returns. We advise clients whether their sales are vatable or not and as such whether or not they are obliged to register for VAT and file VAT returns. We advise
    clients as to what business records they are obliged to maintain under VAT legislation if they are VAT registered. We also assist clients when preparing for VAT inspections.
  2. PAYE/PRSI& USC (payroll taxes) returns for businesses who run a payroll system. We advise clients what payroll systems are Revenue approved and what procedures should be followed when commencing ceasing employees. We advise clients about what payments are to be included as wages & salaries and what expenses can be paid without deduction of tax or inclusion in the payroll. We advise clients regarding the records to be maintained for
    non-taxable expenses such as Civil Servant rated motor expenses, subsistence etc. We also assist clients when preparing for PAYE inspections.
  3. RCT (Relevant Contract Tax) returns for businesses who act as Principal Contractors in the construction industry. This includes registering all new contracts commenced by the client and obtaining a Site Identification Number (SIN) which is then used when registering sub-contractors who are engaged on those sites. We register all sub-contractors engaged by the client and register all payments made to them. We advise clients regarding the payment of RCT deducted from sub-contractors’ payments. We also advise clients who act as sub-contractors in the course of their business, ensuring that they have RCT deducted from their payments allocated Against their tax liabilities or claimed as refunds. We also assist clients when preparing for RCT
  4. Income Taxation returns for Sole-Traders and Partnerships. We compile an Income Tax return from the client’s annual financial accounts, adjusting for non-taxable expenses such as depreciation and including taxable deductions such as capital allowances. We include all of the client’s other income in this tax return and including all available tax credits for, health expenses, pension contributions etc. We compile joint assessment income tax returns for married couples where requested including both spouses’ incomes and utilising increased married couples tax bands and tax credits. We advise clients about tax saving measures which they can take to reduce their annual income tax liability. We also assist clients when preparing for Income Tax inspections.
  5. Corporation Taxation returns for companies. We compile a Corporation Tax return from the client’s annual financial accounts, adjusting for non-taxable expenses such as depreciation and including taxable deductions such as capital allowances. We advise clients about the Corporation Tax rates for certain types of trading such as rental income which is taxed at a higher rate of Corporation tax than other trading activities. We also assist clients when preparing for Revenue audits and if requested we attend at such audits.
  6. Capital Gains Tax returns (CGT). We compile Capital Gains Tax returns for individuals and companies who dispose of assets which are subject to CGT. We prepare a computation to ascertain whether or not a taxable gain has been realised by the client. This computation takes account of allowable expenditure incurred on the acquisition of the asset and on its disposal. We also utilise deductions for personal reduction and where applicable for temporary use of a property as a Principal Private Residence and Roll-OverRelief for certain classes of assets where they are being replaced immediatel by a similar asset.
  7. Capital Acquisition Tax (CAT). We compile Capital Acquisition Tax returns for clients who receive a gift or inheritance. We advise the client about the Small Gift Allowance and the thresholds that apply to recipients of gifts and inheritances different classes of relatives and from strangers. We liaise withclients solicitors regarding their compliance with Capital Acquisition Tax regulations.

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